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Eat Seasonally and Spring Clean For Healthy Skin

Posted on April 12, 2019 at 1:20 PM

My holistic skin care approach is Whole Body Wellness. Everything we put onto our skin as well as what we put into it, affects our overall skin health. We must protect and nourish the skin topically with vibrant whole plant ingredients, but we cannot forget to feed our skin internally with the same. However, in order to eat more vibrantly and receive the most beneficial nutrients from plants, we must eat SEASONALLY.

Eating seasonally is not only great for your skin health, it’s delicious, and has economic and sustainability benefits. Supporting local farmers allows seasonal fruits and veggies to fully ripen and not lose their vital nutrients because they do not have to travel far on the truck to local stores. Also, when we support local farmers it helps the environment because many avoid using harsh chemicals and pesticides.

Spring is here, and that means it’s a time for transition, renewal, and an abundance of Mother Nature’s gifts.

The seasons have changed from cold to warm. Life is coming out of hibernation and being reborn (which includes us).

With this said, we want to focus on lighter, more refreshing foods. Look for fresh, raw, tender greens, herbs and hardy small veggies. All of these will help provide an abundance of phytonutrients and antioxidants that assist in detoxifying the liver, and reduce the effect of cell damaging free radicals, including UV damage. Not to mention, they provide hydration and promote collagen synthesis as well as elasticity of the skin.

Listed below are some of my seasonal favorites and their nutritional facts….

SC Spring Harvest: March, April, May

  • Asparagus-Glutathione (antioxidant defense against free radicals), Vitamins A &C (collagen building, cancer prevention), K (wound healing), folate (makes new cells)
  • Arugula-Phytonutrients (antioxidant defense against UV damage, anti-inflammatory, liver detoxifier), Vitamins A& K, folate
  • Beets-Phytonutrients
  • Collard Greens-Glutathione, Vitamins A, C, K, soluble fiber
  • Cucumbers-Polyphenols (cancer prevention, anti-inflammatory), phytonutrients (hydrating), Vitamin K, liver detoxifier, alkalizes blood
  • Lettuce-Vitamins A, C, K
  • Mint-Vitamin A, aids in digestion, balances hormones
  • Spinach-Vitamins A, C, phytonutrients
  • Strawberries-Vitamins A, C, Flavonoids (phytonutrients that assist hydration, fight hyperpigmentation, neutralize free radicals)
  • Radishes-Alkalizes blood, blood detoxier, Vitamin B& C, Zinc, Potassium

And while we’re eating for our internal skin health….how about some SPRING CLEANING for external health!

This season we want to throw out the old and in with the new. I like to focus on gentle exfoliation to rid the skin of the dead cells it’s been holding onto all winter. We are going to transition to more serums instead of balms, and always make sure to wear SPF.

In addition to, be mindful of old skincare products and makeup. Throw away products that are more than 6 months old as they may harvest bacteria. Check your makeup expiration dates, and be sure to wash your makeup brushes thoroughly.

Lastly, drink water! The liver depends on it to function properly. Water keeps skin cells hydrated and flushes impurities and toxins out of the system.

Now is the time to treat your skin as a delicate flower being reborn.

xo Alyssa


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